Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pimp my dog, pimp the car!

How to spot when something big is going on around here....

Washed, scrubbed and ready...

Love the new look Australian Open Cars!
It's beginning to look a lot like the tennis!

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Monday, 11 January 2016

10 reasons to visit Melbourne in January!

This is the best time of year in Melbourne. 

We're in that post Christmas euphoria, with the whole summer ahead of us. Melbourne is quiet (well in the suburbs!), some firms have extended closures, and with the school holidays stretching ahead until the end of January, many families take the opportunity to remain at the beach and commute to and from Melbourne. 

Here's why January is a great time of year to visit!

Melbourne Airport sign
1. Weather: apparently as a country we boast one of the warmest year round climates in the world. Now maybe not so much in Melbourne, but we do have what the locals lovingly call a 'four seasons in a day' climate. Which means that you are never really that far away from a change. So, if you don't like the weather at the time, no worries mate. Soooooo perfect for those stinking hot Christmases when everything melts! January weather is the best. February can be even hotter!

Summer at the Mornington Peninsula
2. Sporting events: They don't call us the sporting capital of Australia, nope the world, for nothing! Our long summers (January-March) are perfect for watching and playing sports, of course when it's simply too hot, we head for the beaches to swim and surf. 

January is the best, starting with the fireworks and face-paced fun of the Big Bash Cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

T20 Big Bash Cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
From January 18th the Australian Open Tennis is in full swing. It is also the simplest Grand Slam to get tickets. You can walk up on the day and easily buy a ground pass entry to Melbourne Park, so take that Wimbledon!

Australian Open tennis at Melbourne Park
3. We're even more laid-back than normal! The average Aussie is friendly and relaxed at the best of times, and why would we not be we live in Melbourne, the world's most liveable city! Add in Christmas, copious amounts of vitamin D, and late nights staying up to watch the tennis on the telly, and you'll find us at our best mega relaxed...

Crazy Poodle - do ya wanna rub my tummy?
4. Our vibrant city, full of culture is at its best in January. Especially early in January when residents clear out of town to the beach. Hey it's easy to park,   you can get a seat on the train and the city feels quiet'ish. 

So whether its Andy Warhol at the National Gallery of Victoria, or taking time to stop and admire the Aussie flora and fauna at the Royal Botanical Gardens, or maybe the Annual Midsumma Queer Festival tickles your fancy? 

There is something for everyone in our multi-cultural city.

Melbourne Arts Centre
5.  Coffee & Cafe Culture - We really know our 'skinny decafe capps' from our soy lattes. I challenge you to find a better coffee elsewhere. In January how about an iced-coffee? You'll love exploring Melbourne's laneways and coffee culture, even if you are a tea drinker!

6. City and bayside beaches - we are spoilt for choice! We can stay in the city or head out and about, and once out of Port Phillip Bay, we will find some of the best surf beaches Down Under. How about these for fabulous day trip: either The Great Ocean road, although check the weather report at the moment for the latest on the bushfires. This one of the worlds most scenic drives with over 200 kms of spectacular coastline,  or how about watching the cute Fairy Penguins waddle up the beach in their hundred's like clockwork each evening at Phillip Island?

St Kilda, Melbourne

7. Aussie animals - is it true that there are more kangaroos than humans in Australia?  It must be true, as (look away any vegetarians readers), we can buy Roo burgers in the supermarkets, that means they're not endangered right? Well, in January whether it's because we're out walking in the bush more, or whether the animals are also at their lazy summer back best, but it's a great time to spot Kangaroos. Koalas, Echnidnas, Wombats and other Aussie animals in the wild.

PS The fear of snakes, sharks and the like are massively over-rated, I have never seen either in the wild in ten years of living here!

Koala (Healesville Sanctuary)
8. Admire the Street Art - Melbourne is known as one of the world's great street art capitals, new art work springs up all the time and in the most unlikely places.

9. When life gets tough from overdosing on Vegemite, (an Aussie initiation test, if you like Vegemite, a dark brown paste made from Brewers yeast you can claim to be a true local, once a Marmite chick always a Marmite girl) we can just lie on the grass and look at the perfectly blue skies... It remains light until after 9pm so you have a double whammy of sunlight and long days at this time of year!

10. Australia Day - Our National Day of celebration (January 26th) is a perfect weekend to be in town, you can choose from a picnic in Kings Domain gardens,  a downtown street parade, or get your flag ready to wave!

So hope you have enjoyed a little peep into my life at the moment
We're counting down to a heatwave on Wednesday!
Bye for now.

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Life's a Beach (cont!)

Inverloch Surf Lifesaving Club
Gippsland, Victoria

'Saving lives, preventing injuries, enjoying the water'

Summer in Melbourne is about being at the beach. There are 57 surf lifesaving clubs in Victoria offering summer programs for kids as young as 5 years old.  Swimming is a necessary life skill in Victoria, the surf life saving clubs offer a fantastic way to learn how to be safe in the acquatic environment, to get fit and to make friends. Inverloch's SLSC has one of the best surf beaches in Victoria and their Little Nippers program, looks a lot of fun!

U10 Nippers Inverloch SLSC
It's easy to see why Inverloch is a popular holiday destination. We love the surf beach here, you can walk a long way. The Gippsland coastline is dog friendly, here the Crazy Poodle and his great mate Spurt, enjoy some off lead fun. Getting them to sit still long enough for a photo was quite a challenge!

Crazy Poodle and Spurt at the Dinosaur rocks, Inverloch

Happy Weekend to you all!

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Life's a beach

My Sunday Photo

I love Australian beaches just look at it!
 The vast expanse of golden sand and only an occasional surfer.

Rye Ocean Beach, Mornington Peninsula
You need to be an experienced surfer to tackle this surf,
to avoid the rips and rocks, and not to mention the odd shark lurking about.

Happy Hols!

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